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Our League Features:

  • 11 Week Fall 2016 Season
  • Uniforms & Facilities Provided
  • Fun & Social Refs & Administrators

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Updates (as of 9/8/2016):

***Team Rosters have been posted; click here***  Thanks for your patience.  See you out there Sunday 9/11!

Registration is now closed!  Receipt of payment completes your registration. You will notice that the league fee increased by $5.00.  This is to cover the increased cost of insurance the league is required to pay.

The Fall 2016 season will start on Sunday September 11th and end on Sunday November 20th.  All games will be at the Conejo Creek South soccer fields.  Game times are different from previous seasons, with games at 11am and 1pm.  Teams should be formed and posted here by Labor Day.  Game schedules have been posted, but won't mean too much until you know what team you are on.

We also will be requiring the teams to provide one assistant referee every Sunday for the game before or after their scheduled game.  The referee can be a player, a family member or a friend as long as they are qualified.  With everyone’s help we should easily have the games staffed.

See you out there! 

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Referees and Assistant Referees are needed for most games. Check with Chuck Huffer. Or Click Here for the Referee Self-Scheduling Program

Welcome to the Fall 2016 Season!

AYSO Region 9, Thousand Oaks, has instituted an adult league for the purpose of giving adults the same opportunity as the youth of our community to learn and enjoy the game of soccer.  Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and fair environment for all who want to simply enjoy the game and get plenty of exercise.  This is NOT a competitive league and standings are not kept.  Those looking for competition and hard play will find this league does NOT meet their needs.  However, those who just want a chance to play the game in a safe and fun environment will get exactly that.

The league is open to everyone who is at least 19 years old as of 8/1/2016, regardless of skills and/or experience.  It is a co-ed league that follows all of the philosophies of the youth league.  The only requirement is that you come out to have some fun!

Fair Play Policy

We maintain a zero tolerance policy in regard to any violation of our Fair Play Pledge and the basic safety and sportsmanship rules of our league.  Anyone not willing to follow this philosophy will be asked to leave our league and find another more suitable to their needs.

The following are some of the violations that will result in permanent removal from the AYSO Region 9 Adult League:

• Slide-tackling
• Frequent or flagrant use of foul language
• Fighting (regardless of who started it)
• “Dirty” play, including, but not limited to, taunting (both verbally and physically) or retaliating for an earlier perceived injustice
• Consistent dissent with officials, including the League Board
• Refusal to abide by decisions or requests of the officials, including the League Board
• Cheating of any kind, including, but not limited to, playing illegal players
• The use of alcohol, tobacco or any controlled substance on, or around, an AYSO facility

We reserve the right to determine any other causes for removal at the discretion of the League Board based on the severity of the offense.

Referees Needed!

ALL Adult League referees (even those who have been with the program for a long time) need to register as a "Referee". There is no fee for just being a referee.

If you are a USSF Referee or an experienced AYSO Referee (at least Intermediate level), each team is being asked to provide one (1) AR for the match before or after yours (though some AR slots may be staffed).  Please contact Chuck Huffer for more information. We are using our own Region 9 Referee Scheduling program again this year (it's the same one we use for all of our programs at Conejo Creek).

We look forward to seeing you out there!!

If you have any questions, please email Mary Hobert

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